Crownpeak Announces IAB Framework Support for AppNotice

Crownpeak Announces IAB Framework Support for AppNotice, an In-App Consent Product

Crownpeak, a global leader in privacy management and digital governance management, announced today that their in-app consent solution, AppNotice, is the first to fully natively support the IAB Framework.

Designed to easily integrate with iOS and Android apps, Crownpeak AppNotice provides a prebuilt, customizable solution that gives brands the ability to share third-party privacy-related disclosures and manage the consent process. By providing transparency about every vendor with access to their users’ behavior, AppNotice helps companies comply with global data privacy laws like the GDPR.

AppNotice’s new addition of support for the IAB framework enables companies to now offer granular controls for opting-in and out of SDKs that are part of the IAB Framework (as well as those which are not) and to disclose their intentions for using the data they collect.

Privacy Preferences Crownpeak
Screenshot of how AppNotice provides users with control over the new IAB framework options

For users who are interested in learning more about how their data may be used by vendors, AppNotice provides a summary of who each vendor is, for what purpose that vendor plans to use the data they collect, and a link to the company’s privacy policy.

AppNotice provides to app users to help them make informed choices
Screenshot showing the type of information AppNotice provides to app users to help them make informed choices

AppNotice can be configured to capture consent from users before any personal data is collected and then seamlessly share approved consent with their partners and technology vendors by storing the consent stream on the individual’s device.

In a study conducted earlier this year, Crownpeak found that only 2% of the top 100 free apps in the EU were offering a GDPR consent solution, thereby leaving many companies with mobile apps open to fines for non-compliance.

With this release, Crownpeak’s AppNotice product provides an even more robust feature set, including:

  1. Support of IAB Framework - Utilizes the IAB consent string stored on the device to manage consent.
  2. Support of Non-IAB SDKs - Not all SDKs are members of the IAB. Backed by the Crownpeak Vendor Database, customers can reveal all SDKs for full disclosure.
  3. Customization options to match your app - Customize the look of AppNotice to make it consistent with your app’s styling, logos, colors, background, etc.
  4. GDPR Compliance - Meets the web consent requirements of global laws including the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.
  5. Consent flexibility – Can be configured to default to an already opted-in experience when your app is being used by customers outside the EU, or an already opted-out experience when your app is used by customers inside the EU.
  6. Native support – There’s no need for users to leave your app to control their privacy settings with AppNotice; consent is managed directly within the app because the consent string is native.

For nearly 10 years, Evidon, which is now part of Crownpeak, has built consent management tools for publishers to comply with privacy legislation such as PIPEDA and the ePrivacy Directive along with data governance management tools that provide insight into the technology vendor ecosystem utilizing their industry-best Regex Database. Crownpeak is also a preferred provider of the AdChoices program and works closely with advertisers, agencies, and technology vendors in the digital advertising chain to achieve compliance with the Digital Advertising Alliance’s self-regulatory program.