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The Barbarians Inside the Gate
July 20, 2015
Digital risk. As we approach the 25th anniversary of the web’s birth, this term has emerged as the new monster under the bed for CIOs and corporate digerati everywhere—and not without good reason.
Posted by Lisa Welchman
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Crownpeak Support Team Honored as a Gold Stevie Award Winner in 2015 American Business Awards
July 13, 2015
I am pleased to announce that Crownpeak was presented with a Gold Stevie® Award in the Support Department of the Year category at The 13th Annual American Business Awards.
Posted by Patrick Desbrow
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Cloud-hosted Web Experience Management is not 100% cloud WEM
June 24, 2015
As the CTO, I’m often asked what the advantages are of subscribing to a 100% cloud platform to handle Web Experience Management. “Why can’t I just use [insert web content management system of choice here] delivered via a cloud hosted service?” the questioner wonders. “After all, aren’t these two WEM delivery methods the same thing?".
Posted by Adrian Newby
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Analysts Agree: The Time Has Come for Web Experience Management in the Cloud
June 17, 2015
Gartner reveals that "SaaS deployments are now mission critical." Global buyers cited cost reduction, innovation and operational agility as the top reasons. The C-suite is finally realizing that cloud is a modern approach that safely delivers solid business advantage, according to Gartner.
Posted by Jim Yares
Crownpeak team winning Adobe game changer award
Crownpeak Scoops 'Industry Game-Changer' Award at Adobe Summit EMEA 2015
April 29, 2015
Crownpeak DQM (formerly ActiveStandards) has won the “Industry Game-Changer” award at the Adobe Marketing Cloud Innovation Awards with our new Digital Quality Management Integration for Adobe® Experience Manager (AEM)
Posted by Tom Golden
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Most Customer Experience Projects Will Fail
April 27, 2015
Customer experience (CX) is all the rage. No surprise either as traditional sources of competitive advantage have disappeared. Product differentiation is short lived. Low cost, efficient manufacturing and distribution are givens. Information is free.
Posted by Jimmy Chou (SingleStone)
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3 Steps to Establish a Digital Governance Center of Excellence
March 24, 2015
More than 20 years into the adoption of the Web channel, many organizations are striving to establish a center of excellence around digital governance. More tactically, the center would serve as a hub that would establish organizational digital standards and policies and help support collaboration and development of the full digital team.
Posted by Lisa Welchman
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Does Marketing Really Own the Customer Experience?
November 6, 2014
Lately Forrester’s Ted Schadler has been warning about the “battle royale” that is coming over ownership of the customer experience. He argues that the increasingly sophisticated demands of businesses will force the large I.T. platform vendors (e.g. IBM, Oracle) to fight for who can control the most digital touchpoints on the customer journey.
Posted by Jim Howard
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Great Digital Experiences Are Good for Your Business and Customers
April 14, 2014
Recognizing that good customer experiences lead to better business results, enterprise organizations are turning to digital platforms that use behavioral data to inform online experiences.
Posted by Crownpeak