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Digital Experience Platform
What is a DXP and Will It Replace Traditional WCMs?
January 9, 2018
Industry insiders tend to come up with new terms to describe trends in their fields and later they become jargon that is only understood by a limited audience.
Posted by J.J. Gorsuch
SaaS speed to market
How SaaS WCM Helps Marketers Deliver ROI Faster
January 31, 2017
Many organizations are not getting the full return they’d like from their digital marketing investments, in large part because they can’t efficiently get content in front of their audience quickly enough to build the ongoing dialogue needed to build the rapport that leads to a sale.
Posted by Crownpeak
empty boxing ring
Crownpeak named Contender in Forrester Wave Web Content Management (WCM) Systems
January 24, 2017
Crownpeak is proud to be named a Contender in the new Forrester Wave: Web Content Management Systems Q1 2017, with highlighted strengths in multi-site management, modernizing legacy applications, localization and digital governance.
Posted by Stewart Maurer
frustrated content author
How the Content Authoring Experience Can Make or Break the Success of your Content Strategy
December 12, 2016
These days, if you’re in marketing, there’s a single word that drowns out all the others, content. Every digital marketing initiative revolves around it. Marketers lose sleep over whether they’re creating enough to compete, and how they can make it more relevant, more targeted and personalized.
Posted by Patrick Desbrow
Team meeting
Top 5 Questions to Ask When Considering a Website Redesign
September 22, 2015
As demand increases for completely seamless website experiences, companies must reevaluate their web strategies to meet these expectations. HWe have consulted with Madhu Subramanian from Hero Digital and asked him what he thinks the top 5 questions you need to ask yourself before considering a website redesign.
Posted by Crownpeak
Analysts agree and linking hands
Analysts Agree: The Time Has Come for Web Experience Management in the Cloud
June 17, 2015
Gartner reveals that "SaaS deployments are now mission critical." Global buyers cited cost reduction, innovation and operational agility as the top reasons. The C-suite is finally realizing that cloud is a modern approach that safely delivers solid business advantage, according to Gartner.
Posted by Jim Yares