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  • Automated Testing and Optimization

    Automatically optimize content performance using AI-powered testing and optimization algorithms. Simply set your optimization goals and let the Crownpeak Experience Optimization Engine select top performing variations for you for effortless optimization.

  • Dynamic Personalized Experiences

    Drive conversions by dynamically delivering AI-powered, personalized content and page layouts across devices and channels. Instantly quantify the impact of these dynamic content changes on your KPIs and tailor unique digital experiences for each persona.

  • Advanced Segmentation and Analytics

    Use cross-channel behavioral insights and data from external and internal sources to target audience segments with personalized experiences. Segment by usage behavior, device type, content clicks, location, weather forecast and more.

  • SaaS-Based Personalization

    Empower your marketing teams by giving them the ability to conceive, build and deliver personalized experiences without ongoing IT help. Crownpeak Experience Optimization is SaaS-based, making end-to-end personalization simple and affordable.

Deliver individualized content across any channel, anywhere

Crownpeak's hybrid headless CMS helps you effortlessly orchestrate any digital experience desired, regardless of the channel. It delivers personalized content at speed so you can satisfy customer expectations at every stage of the customer journey. 

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