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What’s possible with Personalization

Dynamic Yield Visual edit campaign
Dynamic Yield Recommendation Strategies
Dynamic Yield Multi-touch campaigns
  • Transform static elements into personalized experiences

    Create personalized experiences for your customers by changing static content items, like hero banners or promotional banners, into dynamic content tailored for specific users. 

    Use the visual editor to quickly make changes across your digital assets. Experiment and optimize to deliver the best experiences with the highest returns. 

  • Deploy adaptive recommendations based on customer interaction

    Recommend the right piece of content based on user affinity, context, and real-time intent. Supercharge your customer's experience by giving specific recommendations depending on which stage of the journey they are at. 

  • Personalize journeys, not individual touchpoints

    The key to omnichannel is engaging users through cross-channel personalization. Cross-pollenate experiences across endpoints to deliver a true omnichannel experience. 

    Test entire sets of experiences against one another to craft optimal experiences for the right set of customers, rather than optimizing for individual touchpoints.

Features of Personalization & Experience Optimization

Advanced Segmentation and Analytics
Use cross-channel behavioral insights and data from external and internal sources to target audience segments with personalized experience
Dynamic Personalized Experiences
Drive conversions by dynamically delivering AI-powered, personalized content and page layouts across devices and channels
AI-Powered Content Recommendations
Increase revenues by inserting data-driven product, content and email recommendations at critical touchpoints.
Automated Testing and Optimization
Automatically optimize content performance using AI-powered testing and optimization algorithms
Dynamic Behavioral Messaging
Anticipate needs, create urgency and drive latent users back to their preferred channel
SaaS-Based Personalization
Empower your marketing teams by giving them the ability to build and deliver personalized experiences