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Crownpeak Integration Model

Today’s customer experience programs require integration into a rich set of systems across your enterprise. We take a foundational approach that provides integrations at every level of the Crownpeak platform to give your team maximum flexibility. Our layered approach to integration areas of Crownpeak Digital Experience Manager (DXM) allows you to take advantage of many pre-developed and supported integration accelerators and then build upon them, where you need your customizations. Most integrations can be developed and configured within days, but still function as if they were built into the platform at an architectural level. 

  • pink arrow iconConnectors: Integrations built to connect DXM to specific technology vendors or third-party platforms
  • pink arrow iconFrameworks: Collections of Toolkits packaged together to address categories of technologies and the problems they solve (e.g., Translation Model Framework manages the translation, localization, and relationships between content items within DXM)
  • pink arrow iconToolkits: Collections of APIs packaged together for low-level use cases (e.g., Content Xceleratorâ„  toolkit helps developers import content from other platforms for use within DXM)
  • pink arrow iconPlatform APIs: APIs that provide programmatic access to core areas of DXM
Gartner Future-Proof Your Tech Stack with a Composable DXP Strategy

Future-Proof Your Tech Stack with a Composable DXP Strategy

Why application leaders can not meet market needs or business objectives with monolithic digital experience platforms.
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