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  • Implement


    Add consent notices to comply with global privacy laws in under 7 days, no code required:

    • Go live on day one with no code and low code implementation options
    • Leverage best practice presets built for specific privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and more to make setup simple and fast

  • Discover


    Populate notices automatically with the right technologies, vendors and data collection information

    • Rely on real-time scanning and real user data to be confident that your notices are always compliant and up-to-date
    • Drill down to learn more about the technologies on your site, powered by the world’s largest managed vendor database

  • Customize


    Tailor notices to match your brand and improve consent rates by providing higher-quality privacy experiences:

    • Easily change the look and feel of your notices with WYSIWYG controls and simple CSS
    • Make changes to individual notices, or many at a time by leveraging templates
    • Personalize by language, location, device, and more

  • Comply


    Add consent notices to comply with global privacy laws in under 7 days, no code required:

    • Block data collection automatically in opt-in regions like the EU
    • Use templates to speed up notice creation across geographies and domains and apply changes across your digital presence in seconds

  • Optimize


    Build trust and maximize collection of consumer data using advanced optimization tools. Easily adapt your program to remain compliant with evolving global privacy laws.

    • Review consent dashboards and reports to analyze consent rates
    • Test new messaging or designs with our consent optimization tool
    • Cater to individual markets with geolocation and language auto-detection
    • Prevent data security risks and improve website performance with tag governance

Crownpeak Universal Consent Platform Other Consent Platforms
Made for Marketers Yes No: Made for Compliance/Privacy
Automated list of all third-party profiling on your website Yes Limited. Only detects and manages cookie-based technologies
Real-time scanning for all first- and third-party technologies on your site, based on real user sessions Yes No
Automated individual consent sessions via managed and stored individual consent preferences Yes Limited. Only detects and manages cookie-based technologies
6,000+ vendor database access Yes No
Brand-driven customizable consent banners Yes Limited