How Refinery29 Maintains Compliance With Data Security Standards

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Universal Consent Platform Case Study Cover

Refinery29 has grown faster than any other independent fashion and style website with over 25 million monthly visitors to their site and over 175 million across all platforms.

Refinery29’s ads are accompanied by a high volume of third-party code to optimize and track campaign successes. This additional code however, had their site vulnerable to unknown and unauthorized vendors with access to audience data, which had the potential for negatively impacting their users’ experience, as well as where user data was shared.

They chose Crownpeak’s Tag Auditor with Trackermap and its Universal Consent Platform to get greater visibility into their digital supply chain and comply with EU regulations, including 2018’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • How Refinery29 achieved full stack transparency across all their martech partners, as well as the ability to weigh business benefits versus performance costs.
  • How the Refinery29 product team now proactively audits their own digital supply chain, while DevOps maintains full access, and engineering can view which deployment might be opening up Refinery29’s site to rogue or indirect partners.
  • How continuous tag monitoring protects them against data leakage, security vulnerabilities and upholds the user experience.