When Cost and Speed Matter: The Key Benefits of Replacing Your Web CMS Today

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cost and speed ebook coverMarketers are seeking ways to accelerate digital marketing agility, lower operating costs, and pave the way to faster ROI. One often overlooked place to realize this value is in your web infrastructure. 

If your organization is saddled with an outdated, traditional web content management system (like Adobe, Sitecore, etc.), you’ll be familiar with the high costs associated with maintenance, infrastructure, and software upgrades, as well as the painfully slow time to implement marketing initiatives. The good news is these all disappear with modern, secure, cloud-based CMS solutions like Crownpeak.

In this ebook, marketers and IT professionals will learn:

  • How modern, cloud-based web technology drives superior digital performance, TCO, and business results
  • How a decoupled web architecture speeds development and enables marketers to create and iterate with radical efficiency
  • About the true cost of monolithic vs cloud solutions, and the savings you can make by moving to Crownpeak (even if your software licence or maintenance contract has a year or more remaining)
  • How to get up and running fast with Crownpeak today

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