The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Data Collection Under the GDPR

How the law will affect targeted ad campaigns and other marketing initiatives

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GDPR Marketers Guide Cover Page

Learn The Legal, Lawful Ways You Can Collect Personal Data

The GDPR will irrevocably change how marketers can legally collect, process and leverage audience data even if those marketers are based outside the EU but offer products or services to EU residents.

The GDPR will affect a marketer’s ability to collect even the most basic analytics data from customers they’ve relied upon in the past. From running retargeting ads to emailing existing databases, all the data a marketer has collected (even historic) will be subject to the GDPR.

In "The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Data Collection Under the GDPR", you’ll learn:

  • Which marketing initiatives are potentially at stake when the GDPR takes effect
  • What constitutes personal data under the GDPR and can marketers still use “personal data” under the GDPR? 
  • The six legal, lawful ways in which a marketer can collect personal data
  • The difference between “Freely Given”, “Specific”, “Informed”, and “Unambiguous” consent
  • How marketers can discover all the third-parties that are collecting user data from their website and apps