How Digital Governance Can Save Your Company from a Data Breach

The Dangerous Security Vulnerability on Your Website that Most Companies are Ignoring

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how digital governance can save you from a data breach

Find Out Who Has Access to Your Data

Sensitive data that once existed only in the physical realm now lives in the electronic ether and is transmitted via your website every day. Even the briefest, most casual, non-transactional visit to your website captures a certain amount of data about your visitor, thanks to your hard-working martech stack.

That’s because the behavioral tracking tools, social media widgets, and campaign measurement applications your marketing team relies on are all integrated with your website. Through the third-party tags, beacons, and pixels you’ve added, you’ve given all these vendors the ability to gather data necessary to fulfill their service commitment to you. The problem is, by way of piggyback tags, they’ve given their partners access to your data too.

If it sounds tangled and complicated, that’s because it is. But it’s worth understanding because it could be posing serious risks and liabilities for your company. In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How to find out which companies have access to your web user data
  • How to reduce the myriad of potential threat vectors by monitoring the third-parties with access to your website user data
  • Examples of companies who have faced security breaches from third-party relationships