De-risking Digital Transformation: Three Keys to Success in Financial Services | Presentation

Financial services firms struggle more than other industries to digitize their products and services, often failing to digitally transform themselves as quickly as other organizations. Facing new competition from more digitally savvy technology businesses, finserv firms are looking for new, better ways of doing digital transformation and addressing risks in their businesses.

In this presentation, moderated by Ian Lowe, VP Marketing at Crownpeak, Eric Feige, Managing Director at VShift, shares real-world examples of how a practical, next-gen approach to digital transformation accelerates growth in financial services, while tackling risk head-on. 

The presentation covered three important keys to mitigating risk:

  • Updated governance models: Addressing who owns the client and who owns digital to accelerate progress
  • Decoupled digital technology: Overcoming speed-to-market obstacles presented by monolithic software and IT approaches
  • Culture change tactics: Changing behaviors throughout the organization

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