[WEBINAR RECORDING] Using Personalization in ABM to Boost Campaign Engagement, featuring SiriusDecisions

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Using Personalization in ABM to Boost Campaign Engagement | June 28, 2017

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Prospect inboxes are crammed with sales messages claiming to offer the next big thing. Increasing touch volume has been the go-to strategy for marketing and sales teams to increase engagement. It’s a vicious cycle of more volume and less connections. So how do you make sure your message is breaking through the noise and attracting your audience’s attention?

To successfully build a relationship with a prospect, Marketers need to be smarter than ever by creating 1:1 journeys that use scalable, data-driven strategies and technologies. Teaming up with sales is only the beginning to successful ABM – these campaigns need to be agile, scalable, and executed effectively to maximize impact.

Hear from SiriusDecisions' Gil Canare and Matt Senatore, and Crownpeak's Stewart Maurer to learn:

  • The must-have campaign channels for ABM
  • How to use your website to personalize digital experiences
  • The best approach for engaging with Sales Development to co-promote marketing initiatives
  • How to align messaging and content with target prospect personas